Keighley Trade and Grammar School (later 'Keighley Boys Grammar School' and eventually 'Oakbank School')produced a book called The Keighlian. In 1918 the book contained a Roll of Honour of former pupils who went to the Great War, and features on those who died in service of their country:

We reproduce this list in full here and it appears exactly as in the book, so some names are out of alphabetical sequence.
Some extra names are listed at the bottom of the page.

Anderton Albert KN
Ackroyd Stanley D 1st RMLI
Abott Clifford H BA (killed in action) 2nd Lieut. Lincs Regiment
Adkins Edward W 2nd Lieut. RFC

Bailey, Herbert Heaton RAMC
Bradley Harry Flight Lieut RFC
Buscall W Yorks Hussars
Binns James S R.E.
Bottomley John R.G.A.
Boothman Walter A.O.C.
Bowler Harold R. F. A.
Barber Gw. N (killed in action)-W.R. Regt.
Barrett Herbert R.G.A.
Brown S. M A.S.C.
Barrett Jack R.G.A.
Barker George R.N.
Backhouse AL (missing WR Regt.
Bownass Thomas W. R. Regt.
Binns, W W.R. Regt.
Barrett Wilson R.F.A.
Binns Herbert S R.N.
Burrows Robert H .A. C.
Bell Sydney R.N.
Brown Aldwyn E. 2nd Lieut. R F A
Booth Harry Flight Lieut RFC
Barker John R.N.
Bannister Fred R.G.A.
Booth Reginald R.N.
Booth George R.N.
Burns Joshua A.S.C., M T
Burns Harry A.S.C., M T
Butterfield John 18th D L I
Bedford Fred R.N.A.S.
Bradley John R.N.
Bottomley Gladstone R.N
Binns J. Spencer R.G A
Barrett Ernest RNAS
Bailey Norman 44th Lab Batt
Bottomley J. W 46th Lab Batt.
Bottomley Bernard A.V.C.

Carmichael Gilbert M.A. 2nd Lieut.Manchester Regt.
Clapham H. F T. R. B.
Clapham R W. R. Regt.
Clapham, James Raymond (killed in action)- R.G.A
Carrodus Stanley N. Staff. Regt.
Clough Oswald K.N. R.
Clapham Samuel W. R. Regt.
Cowley Leopold Seaforth Highlanders
Clarkson North W. Yorks. Kegt.
Clarkson Walter 2nd D.L.I.
Clarkson Fred W Yorks. Regt.

Dickinson Ernest R.F.C. (Wireless).
Davy Walter R.N.V.R. (Wireless).
Driver Albert R.F.A.
Driver Frank R. E.
Driver Maurice R. F.A.
Driver William I (killed in action) R.F.A.
Dewhirst Alec E. Yorks. Regt.

Emmott Stanley R.F.C.
Ellison Cecil Yorks. and Lancs. Regt.
Earnshaw Ewart W.R. Regt.
Emmott Charles R.G.A.

Foster Sam R.N.
Firth Tom R.N.V.R. (Wireless).
Flannery Bernard A.P.C.
Fairlie Ernest W. R. Regt.
Feather Horace Scottish Horse.
Foster J. H N.Z.R.B.
Fidoe Norman G R. Fusiliers.
Fletcher James F R.G.A.
Feather Harry (Hainworth Wood Road) W.Yorks.
Fry J. S R.E.
Feather Harry (Station Bridge) R.F.A.

Greenwood Walter 2nd Lieut. R.E.
Gill Norman R. E.
Greenwood Sydney R.N.
Greenwood William R.N.
Gladstone Ralph 0 (killed in action) 2nd Lieut. R.E.
Greenwood John Wm (killed in action) Coldstream Gds.
Greenwood George A.S.C.
Gostling Reginald T.R. B.
Green Archie R.A.M.C.
Green James 2/5 S. Staff.
Green Henry 2/6 S. Staff
Green Leonard Signal Sect.

Hanson Jesse R.F.A.
Hinchliffe George R.G.A
Hird John C A.S.C.
Herbert Heaton (killed in action) W.R. Regt.
Holmes J. G N.Z. Field Amb.
Hartley Jackson N. J Capt. R.A M C
Hill Walter R.F.C.
Hill Edgar T. R.B.
Hollings J 10th E. Yorks Regt.
Heaps J W.R. Regt.
Hollings Percy R.G.A.
Houghton Clement M Inland Water Trans. R E
Hey Arthur J Meteor Sect. R.E.
Henson Leonard W R.E.
Houghton Wm R.N.
Hargreaves Alfred (died).
Hartley Harry T.R.B.
Henderson Edgar R.N.
Hogarth Hartley A.O.C.
Howker Arthur R.E.
Hartley Austin R.A.M.C.
Hartley J R.G.A.
Hey Ernest Artists' Rifles.
Hinchcliffe Victor (killed in action) North. Fus.
Hinchcliffe Frank 2/7 Manchstr. Regt.
Hartley Bertie R.N.V. R.
Harrison James R.F.C.
Hirst R. B M.G.C.
Heaton Thos Herbert (killed in Action).

Ickringill James 2nd Lieut. W.R. Regt.

Jowett John R.F.C.
Judson Arthur Sherwood Foresters.
Jackson George R.A.M.C.
Jowett Joseph H T.A.C.

Knight Norman L R.E.
Kershaw Hugh S N.Z. Forces.
Kershaw Wm A.P.C.
Kay David H R.N.

Lund James R.N.
Lister Richard E W. Yorks. Regt.
Lister George S (prisoner of war) 12th Middlesex Rgt
Le Sueur Fredk. 0 R.N.
Lord Reginald R R. F.C.
Longbottom Harold M.C. 2nd Lieut. R.F.A.
Laycock Harry R.F.A.
Laycock Stanley R.G.A.
Limb Maurice RE
Longbottom Albert RGA
Lund Cecil Sherwood Foresters
Lee William RFC

Mitchell Reginald RN (Wireless)
Midgley Chas G (Sutton) RGA
Mangham Wm ASC
Midgley Herbert B 2nd Lieut. RE
Midgley John Grenadier Guards
Metcalfe Rex RE
McKechnie Luther (killed in action) RFA
Moore Edgar RN
McCaghey Jas H Light Lieut RNAS
Mitchell John RN
Moore John Edward RFA

Nutt Chas RAMC
Naylor Percy RFA

Ogden Wm RN
Ogden James M OTC
Overton David Irish Horse

Park Joseph RE
Pickles F Can RE
Pickles A RFC
Pearson H K RE
Pedley A Remount Squad
Petty Alan RFC
Paget Oswald RGA
Pickard James B Articifer RN
Petitjean H H French Army
Padley Harold W R Regt

Roddy A E North Fu.
Roberts James D RN
Riley Harry L KOYLI
Riley Walter HAC
Roddy E N ASC MT

Stirk Henry E Kent Regt.
Spencer Herbert Anti-Aircraft Section
Smith Wilfred R Fus.
Singleton Joshua M Can MGC
Sugden Wm H TRB
Sugden Fred W Yorks
Smith Harry 2nd Lieut RGA
Sugden Frank RAMC
Sutcliffe John W APO
Sykes Arthur F MGC
Slater J B Yorks Hussars
Shackleton Walter R RFA
Simpson Harold W Yorks Regt.
Smith Herbert L North Staffs Regt
Scarborough Robert E (died) TRE
Sunderland Abraham W R Regt
Smith Joe AAMC (RAMC?)
Summerscales WHG APC
Smith Douglas RN
Spencer Anthony RFC
Strecker William Belgian Army
Strecker Ferdinand Belgian Army
Steel John H W Yorks Regt.
Sugden A L RFA
Smith Wm A RAMC
Scull N RGA
Sugden John Wm (died from wounds) 2/6 WR Regt

Thornton Harold Yorks and Lancs Regt
Taylor Alfred AVC
Taylor Walton ASC
Town Arthur V E Yorks Regt
Thompson A Gloucester Regt
Truton James W TRB
Turner Tom RN
Townend Gilbert W R Regt

Watson Chas F K 2nd Lieut RGA
Wakeling Clifford W R Regt
Wilson Stanley D RFC
Wood Herbert V RN
Walker Harold (killed) RN
Wainright Harry ASC
Wright Lewis RE
Whitaker Harry RN
Wright A R Fus
Waterhouse Allan W MGC
Whitaker Ernest RNAS
Wood Herbert MM (killed in action) Rifle brigade
Wood Henry (killed in action) London Regt
Whalley Lewis B Sc RGA
Wilkinson Wm Scott MM Cyclists Corps W R Regt.
Waddington Ernest RGA
Wright Irwin Cadet School
Winstanley Horace AOC
Wright George RN
Wright Norman DLI
Wilson Horace F RGA
Wilkinson Arthur A.S.C.

Ward Lewis R.N.
Woollard David W. Yorks Regt.
Wilkinson F Topographical Sect.
Cowling William W. R. Regt.
Longbottom Bernard R.F.A.
Green Charles W. Yorks. Regt.

Dickinson, Harry K
Green, Allan
Lister, Richard Veevers
Lister, Robert Winfield
Rishworth, Henry Holmes
Scaife, Samuel Middleton