Keighley Roll of Honour - H

Haggar, William G - of Haworth
Haggery, Martin - of Thwaites Brow
Haggerty, Thomas - of Thwaites Brow
Haigh, A - of Keighley
Haigh, H - of Hermit Hole
Haigh, John - of Thwaites Brow
Haigh, Walter - of Morton
Haigh, William - of Thwaites Brow
Hainsworth, George - of Ingrow
Hainsworth, Willie - of Thwaites Brow
Hale, Joseph - of Oakworth
Hale, R V - of Keighley
Halford, Lee Cpl 1st Northumberland Fusiliers
Hall, F - of Haworth
Hall, JT MM Sgt 13755 10th DoW
Hall, LH Pte 6th DoW
Hall, Levi Pte 307050 2/4th DoW
Hall, Scaife Pte 11/358 RAF
Halligan, J T - of Ingrow
Halligan, JT – Keighley WW2
Hampton, A – Keighley WW2
Hampton, Frederick Pte DoW
Hampton, G - of Haworth
Hampton, H (Senior) - of Haworth
Hampton, H (Junior) - of Haworth
Hampton, William Pte DoW
Handley, KM – Keighley WW2
Hands, Albert V - of Haworth
Hands, WE - of Haworth
Hanley, E - of Keighley
Hanson, Jesse - of Thwaites Brow
Hanson, William Pte 32581 23rd Northumberland Fusiliers
Haran, Martin Pte 30135 10th DoW
Hardacre, Christopher Pte 11275 8th DoW
Hardacre, J – Keighley WW2
Hardaker, Smith Pte DoW
Harding, Fred Pte Canadian Forces
Hardman, Ernest William - of Thwaites Brow
Hardy, J S - of Keighley
Hargreaves, Alfred - of Keighley
Hargreaves, Maurice - of Keighley
Hargreaves, Percy - of Keighley
Harker, C - of Hermit Hole
Harker, Christopher - of Ingrow
Harker, James - of Haworth
Harling, Craven - of Oakworth
Harman, J W - of Keighley
Harris, B - of Keighley
Harris, E – Keighley WW2
Harrison, F – Keighley WW2
Harrison, James L/Cpl - of Ingrow
Hartley, C - of Keighley
Hartley, Herbert - of Haworth
Hartley, Harry - of Keighley
Hartley, Harry - MM - of Ingrow
Hartley, John - of Keighley
Hartley, Joseph - of Keighley
Hastings, Arthur - of Keighley
Hastings, E B - of Morton
Havley, A – Keighley WW2
Haw, JH - of Haworth
Haw, L - of Haworth
Haw, W - of Haworth
Hawksworth, H – Keighley WW2
Haygarth. Rhodes . Doctor
Heap, Flather
Heap, Sydney Forest
Heaps, Matthew
Heath, H – Keighley WW2
Heaton, Allan - of Ingrow
Heaton, Fred (K) - of Thwaites Brow
Heaton, Herbert - of Oakworth
Heaton, WW – Keighley WW2
Henderson, Edgar - of Thwaites Brow
Henderson, James Percy - of Keighley
Henderson, Percy (K) - of Thwaites Brow
Henry, M - of Keighley
Henry, Michael - of Keighley
Herd, Henry Neville - of Oakworth
Hey, A - of Haworth
Hey, D - of Haworth
Hey, E - of Haworth
Hey, E – Keighley WW2
Hey, Ernest - of Ingrow
Hey, H - of Haworth
Hey, James - of Haworth
Hey, Walter - of Haworth
Hickling, E – Keighley WW2
Hickling, Eileen - of Ingrow
Hill, Albert - of Thwaites Brow
Hill Arthur - of Keighley
Hill, Harold - of Ingrow
Hillerby - Richard - of Keighley
Hinchliffe, Fred - of Keighley
Hinchliffe, George - of Thwaites Brow
Hinchcliffe, Victor - of Keighley
Hinchliffe, A - of Keighley
Hindle, Edgar - of Keighley
Hird, Christopher - of Thwaites Brow
Hird, John - of Thwaites Brow
Hird, JH – Keighley WW2
Hitch, John H - of Ingrow
Hitch, John H - of Crossroads & Lees
Hitch, J H * killed - of Hermit Hole
Hitch, H - of Hermit Hole
Hitch, William - of Ingrow
Hobson, F – Keighley WW2
Hobson, Fred - of Ingrow
Hodgson, Alan Heaton - of Oakworth
Hodgson, AH – Keighley WW2
Hodgson, Harry - of Haworth
Hodgson, JS - of Oakworth
Hodgson, Robert - of Oakworth
Hodson, NH - of Ingrow
Hogan, M – Keighley WW2
Hogarth, Hartley - of Riddlesden
Hollindrake, Jesse - of Haworth
Hollindrake, Luther - of Haworth
Hollindrake, Norman - of Haworth
Hollindrake, Willie - of Haworth
Hollings, Percy - of Oakworth
Hollings, Rennie - of Stanbury
Hollings, S – Keighley WW2
Hollingsworth, Duke - of Ingrow
Hollins, James - of Thwaites Brow
Holmes, Arthur - of Ingrow
Holmes, EL – Keighley WW2
Holmes, F - of Haworth
Holmes, H - of Haworth
Holmes, Harold - of Ingrow
Holmes, James E - of Haworth
Holmes, John - of Haworth
Holmes, R - of Haworth
Holmes, Sam Kershaw - of Thwaites Brow
Holmes, W - of Haworth
Holmes. William A- of Ingrow
Holmes William J-of Oakworth
Holroyd, R - of Haworth
Hood, JK – Keighley WW2
Hope, T – Keighley WW2
Hoyle, E – Keighley WW2
Hoyle, W – Keighley WW2
Hopkinson, A - of Haworth
Horsfall, Richard - of Thwaites Brow
Houldsworth, J - of Hermit Hole
Houldsworth, Smith Hanson - of Oakworth
Houldsworth, W - of Hermit Hole
Howker, Albert - of Haworth
Howker, AW - of Haworth
Hudson, E - of Haworth
Hudson, FV - of Haworth
Hudson, W - of Haworth
Hugill, George of Keighley
Human, F - of Ingrow
Hunt, Henry Smn - of Ingrow
Hurd, Albert - of Ingrow
Hutchinson, Arthur - of Crossroads & Lees
Human, F – Keighley WW2
Humphreys, E – Keighley WW2
Humphreys, G – Keighley WW2
Hurd, A – Keighley WW2