Keighley Roll of Honour – P

Pagdin, W - of Haworth
Page, George MM Cpl - of Ingrow
Page, George MM - of Oakworth
Palefield, F – Keighley WW2
Parr, J – Keighley WW2
Parker, A - of Haworth
Parker, James W - of Haworth
Parker, Joe - of Haworth
Parker, John - of Haworth
Parker, John E - of Haworth
Parker, L – Keighley WW2
Parker, Nathaniel - of Haworth
Parker, W – Keighley WW2
Parnell, John Henry (M) - of Thwaites Brow
Parsons, GE - of Haworth
Parsons, J - of Haworth
Patterson, William H - of Haworth
Pattinson, William Henry (M) - of Thwaites Brow
Pawson, Fred Dvr - of Ingrow
Peaceful, H - of Ingrow
Peaceful, H – Keighley WW2
Peacock, A – Keighley WW2
Peacock, George - of Haworth
Peacock, Obadiah - of Haworth
Peacock, Robert - of Haworth
Peacock, W - of Haworth
Peel, Arthur - of Ingrow
Peel, Tom - of Ingrow
Pennington, JA - of Oakworth
Percival, John - of Keighley
Petty F - of Hermit Hole
Petty, JF – Keighley WW2
Petty, William - of Ingrow
Peverley, Fred - of Oakworth
Phillip, T - of Haworth
Pickering A - of Hermit Hole
Pickering, W - of Ingrow
Pickles, Allan - of Oakworth
Pickles E - of Hermit Hole
Pickles, F – Keighley WW2
Pickles, Fred - of Haworth
Pickles, H - of Haworth
Pickles, Harry - of Oakworth
Pickles, John - of Haworth
Pickering, W – Keighley WW2
Pilkington, J – Keighley WW2
Pinchbeck, A – Keighley WW2
Pinchbeck, W - of Ingrow
Pitt, James Herbert - of Keighley
Pittock, J A - of Ingrow
Pittock, JA – Keighley WW2
Plant, CV – Keighley WW2
Potter, A – Keighley WW2
Potter, A E - of Ingrow
Potter, Leonard - of Oakworth
Potts, M – Keighley WW2
Powell, Norman - of Oakworth
Preston, B - of Haworth
Preston, H - of Haworth
Preston, H – Keighley WW2
Preston, J – Keighley WW2
Preston, Norman - of Crossroads & Lees
Priestley, William H - of Oakworth
Pritchard, GE - of Keighley Post Office
Pullan, Edgar - of Ingrow