Keighley Roll of Honour – S

Sanctuary, H - of Haworth
Sanderson, G – Keighley WW2
Sanderson, George - of Oakworth
Scarborough, AP - of Haworth
Scarborough, Haydn - of Haworth
Scarborough, Robert E - of Haworth
Scarborough, J - of Haworth
Scattergood, F - of Ingrow
Scattergood, F – Keighley WW2
Scatterty The family, in Keighley hospitals during WW1
Schofield, JR - of Haworth
Schofield, Sam - of Crossroads & Lees
Schofield, Sam - of Haworth
Scott, David - of Ingrow
Scott, David - of Riddlesden
Scott, E – Keighley WW2
Scott, Edgar - of Riddlesden (Edward on memorial)
Scott F - of Hermit Hole
Scull, Albert Edgar – Keighley WW2
Scull, N - of Haworth
Scull, P - of Haworth
Seares, AJ – Keighley WW2
Selby B - of Hermit Hole
Selby, H - of Ingrow
Selby, H – Keighley WW2
Sexton, J – Keighley WW2
Shackleton, B - of Haworth
Shackleton, H - of Haworth
Shackleton, James Wilfred (D) - of Thwaites Brow
Shackleton, Joseph - of Thwaites Brow
Shackleton, Percy - of Crossroads & Lees
Shackleton, Percy - of Ingrow
Shackleton, W - of Haworth
Sharpe, A – Keighley WW2
Sharpe, G – Keighley WW2
Shaw, GB – Keighley WW2
Shaw, R – Keighley WW2
Sheldon, J - of Haworth
Sheldon, RJ – Keighley WW2
Shellabear, Tom - of Ingrow and Ingrow Council School
Shoesmith J - of Hermit Hole
Shread, Herbert - of Crossroads & Lees
Shreeve, Arthur - of Keighley
Shreeve, William - of Keighley
Shuttleworth, Bramwell - of Thwaites Brow
Shuttleworth, Edgar - of Thwaites Brow
Shuttleworth, Granville - of Thwaites Brow
Shuttleworth, H – Keighley WW2
Silcock, Robert - of Oakworth
Simpson, A – Keighley WW2
Simpson, Alan - of Riddlesden
Simpsom, W Oxley - of Ingrow
Sinfield, Charles William - Keighley
Slater, Claude S - of Ingrow
Slater, EH – Keighley WW2
Siddle, John E - of Haworth
Singleton, Isaac - of Ingrow
Smales J - of Hermit Hole
Smeed, EWJ – Keighley WW2
Smith, Albert E - of Ingrow
Smith, Arthur - of Haworth
Smith, Arthur - of Oakworth
Smith, Arthur - of Riddlesden
Smith, Cecil W - of Oakworth
Smith, D D - of Ingrow
Smith, DD – Keighley WW2
Smith, F - of Haworth
Smith, FS – Keighley WW2
Smith, GE – Keighley WW2
Smith H - of Hermit Hole
Smith, Harry - of Haworth
Smith, HG - of Haworth
Smith, John Edward - of Oakworth
Smith, Joseph - of Keighley
Smith, Leonard Alexander - of Thwaites Brow
Smith, Oswald - of Oakworth
Smith, Richard - of Ingrow
Smith, T - MM - of Haworth
Smith, TE of Keighley
Smith, Tom - of Whin Knowle, Keighley. Laycock memorial.
Smith, Tom S - of Ingrow/Hermit Hole
Smith, W - of Haworth
Smith, W – Keighley WW2
Smith, WA - of Haworth
Smith, Walter - of Ingrow
Smith, Walter - of Oakworth
Smith, Wilfrid (M) - of Thwaites Brow
Smith, William Henry D (K) - of Thwaites Brow
Snaith, Harry C - of Crossroads & Lees
Snowden, F - of Haworth
Snowden, Jonas - of Haworth
Sorton, J Harold - of Ingrow
Southam, Alfred - of Haworth
Southam, Daniel - of Haworth
Southam, JW - of Haworth
Southcott, GH – Keighley WW2
Spedding, Richard - Keighley WW2
Spence, R - of Haworth
Spencer, Arthur - of Thwaites Brow
Spencer, Edgar - of Thwaites Brow
Spencer, H - of Haworth
Spencer, Norman - of Thwaites Brow
Spencer, Percy - of Ingrow
Spencer R - of Hermit Hole
Spencer, Richard - of Ingrow
Spencer, Samuel - of Thwaites Brow
Spencer, T – Keighley WW2
Stacey, SM – Keighley WW2
Staines, Jack - of Keighley WW2 (Commondale, N. Yorks)
Stalker, H – Keighley WW2
Standfast, GWA – Keighley WW2
Stanley, Wright - of Crossroads & Lees
Stanley, Wright - of Haworth
Startup, John H MM - of Ingrow
Steadman, LW – Keighley WW2
Stell, Joseph - of Crossroads & Lees
Stephens, J – Keighley WW2
Stephenson, K – Keighley WW2
Steventon, J – Keighley WW2
Stobbs, Charles W - of Oakworth
Stobbs, Henry - of Oakworth
Stoddart, Albert - of Ingrow
Stones, D – Keighley WW2
Stoney, F - of Haworth
Stovold, Minnie - Steeton Dump WW2
Stovold, Willie WW2
Stringer, J – Keighley WW2
Stubbs, Charles - of Thwaites Brow
Stubbs, Prince E - of Oakworth
Sugden, Alexander - of Thwaites Brow
Sugden, Arthur - of Oakworth
Sugden, John P - of Oakworth
Sugden, Robert - of Haworth
Sugden, William Swire - of Thwaites Brow
Sugden, WH - of Haworth
Suggitt, FW – Keighley WW2
Suggitt, T - of Haworth
Suggitt, W - of Haworth
Summerscales, JCH - Keighley WW2
Sunderland, J – Keighley WW2
Sunderland, Luther - of Oakworth
Surr, CW DCM Bdr - of Ingrow
Sutcliffe, AC – Keighley WW2
Sutcliffe, JF – Keighley WW2
Swift, Ben - of Ingrow
Swift, Percy Gnr - of Ingrow
Swift, T – Keighley WW2
Swinford, C – Keighley WW2
Swire, Thomas - of Thwaites Brow