Marlborough Street Congregational Mission
This chapel was originally at the junction of Marlborough Street and Brown Street, Keighley.
Services were held at this church from 1883 until 1961. The memorial below is currently held by Cliffe Castle Museum.
Fletcher Spencer's 'relatives' sheet is countersigned with the surname J. Vivian(?) Davies, Congregational Minister, of 56 Devonshire Street.


Inscription reads:

In Memory of
Frank Brady
Arthur Lee
William Shreeve
Joseph Smith
Fletcher Spencer

In Honour of
Harry Burton
Frederick Beaver
Frank Beaver
Frederick Bailey
Clifford Denby
John Hy Fowlds
William Hanson
Ernest Hanson
Benjamin Homes
Hubert Lunn
Thomas Lunn
William Thompson

William Moules
Herbert Manterfield
Charlie Pakes
Albert Park
Harry Park
Arthur Roberts
William Rodwell
John Spencer
Dobson Shepherd
Norman Shepherd
Herbert Shepherd