Keighley Boer War Memorial Plaque/Shield Displayed on a pillar at St Andrew's Church, (Keighley Shared Church).

The inscription reads:

In Memory of the Brave Men of this Parish who lost their
lives in South Africa during the war 1899-1902

Sergeant – William Haigh
Corporal – William Liddimore
Lance-corporal – John Haran
Trooper – James Hesletine Dinsdale
Private – Samuel Holt
Private – John Oates
Private – William Bramma
Private Frank Blezard

Sergeant – Thomas Cadnor
Corporal – James Byrnes
Private – William Leonard Emmott
Private – Henry Coleman
Trooper – Tom Oxley
Private – Walter Coates
Drummer – George Brown
Private – Alfred Thomas

Fear God and Honour the King

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