Keighley Roll of Honour – C

Caley, Ernest W - of Whins Wood - Crossroads & Lees
Calver, E - of Keighley
Calverley, Edwin - of Keighley
Calvert, D - of Keighley
Calvert, M K - of Oakworth
Calvert, William Bdr - of Ingrow
Capper, George - of Keighley
Capstick, J – Keighley WW2
Carr, J – Keighley WW2
Carr, FM - of Haworth
Carr, Tom - of Keighley
Carras, Joe - of Haworth
Carter, Ernest - of Ingrow
Carter, P - of Riddlesden
Casson, J - of Haworth
Caulfield, Bernard J – Ingrow, Keighley WW2
Caulfield, Francis - of Keighley
Chaffers, Norman Bairstow - of Keighley
Chaplin, Enoch of Haworth
Chaplin, Herbert of Haworth
Chaplin, Joe of Haworth
Chaplin, William of Haworth
Chaplin, J – Keighley WW2
Chapman, James - of Haworth
Chapman, JM - of Haworth
Chapman, TR - of Haworth
Chapman, WH - of Keighley
Charnock, T - of Haworth
Chester, A W - of Hermit Hole
Chester, RH – Keighley WW2
Clapham, Edgar - of Keighley
Clapham, James Raymond - of Keighley
Clapham, J Sydney - of Keighley
Clapham, Thomas - of Keighley
Clapperton, J - of Ingrow
Clapperton, J – Keighley WW2
Clark, Peter - of Morton
Clarke, E - of Haworth
Clarke, J - of Haworth
Clarke, J – Keighley WW2
Clarke, John - of Ingrow
Clarkson, A B MC - of Keighley
Claughton, Horatio - of Crossroads & Lees
Clay, T – Keighley WW2
Clayton, Frank - of Crossroads & Lees
Clayton, Fred Vigars. Keighley WW2
Clayton, G - of Keighley
Clayton, J - of Keighley
Clayton, Smith - of Ingrow
Clayton, John - 3/10593 - of Keighley
Clayton, John - of Keighley
Clayton, Smith - of Oakworth
Clement, Arthur - of Ingrow
Clement, J - of Keighley
Clough, Alan Cptn - of Ingrow
Clough, James - of Keighley
Clough, John - of Keighley
Clough, Robert MC - of Keighley
Coats, C - of Hermit Hole
Coates, Fred - of Crossroads & Lees
Coates, Nathan - of Haworth
Coates, W - of Keighley
Coates, Wilfred of Riddlesden
Cobrey, Hugh - of Keighley
Cockroft, Sam - of Keighley
Cole, George Clifford - of Keighley
Coleman, Paul - of Thwaites Brow
Coleman, Patrick - of Keighley
Coles, Jack ( Robert John )- of Keighley
Coles, William (Willie) - of Keighley
Colledge, Bertie - of Crossroads & Lees
Collingham, A – Keighley WW2
Collingham,Raymond - Keighley WW2
Collins, M - of Keighley
Collins, Victor - of Hermit Hole
Cone, W – Keighley WW2
Conolly, Harry - of Thwaites Brow
Conolly, Thomas (D) - of Thwaites Brow
Conuel, RW – Keighley WW2
Conway, John William - of Keighley
Cooper, W - of Keighley
Cooper, Wilson - of Keighley
Cope, EV – Keighley WW2
Coppock, Frank - of Keighley
Corcoran, Thomas - of Keighley
Cottier, Thomas - of Haworth
Cotton, L – Keighley WW2
Court, Willie - of Keighley
Cousin, Arthur Norman of Keighley
Cousins, John Archibald - of Keighley
Coward, Henry - of Keighley
Cowburn, Harry - of Keighley
Cowperthwaite, Tom - of Ingrow
Cowton, J - of Ingrow
Cowton, J – Keighley WW2
Cox, C – Keighley WW2
Crabtree, Alfred - of Keighley
Crabtree, H – Keighley WW2
Crabtree, J – Keighley WW2
Crabtree – Keighley WW2
Craft, SL - of Haworth
Crane, JJ – Keighley WW2
Craven, Asa - of Keighley
Craven, Fred - of Keighley
Creek, James Bertram - of Keighley
Critchison, Tom - of Keighley (Critcheson)
Crosby, N – Keighley WW2
Cross, H - of Keighley
Crossley, P - of Ingrow
Crossley, P – Keighley WW2
Crouch, Kenneth – Keighley WW2
Crough, K J - of Ingrow
Crump, James - of Keighley
Cryer, Ezra – Keighley WW2
Cummings, Robert Walter - of Keighley
Currie, R – Keighley WW2
Curry, James - of Keighley
Curry, James 4541440 - Keighley WW2
Cutter, Harold – Keighley WW2