Keighley Roll of Honour - F

Falkingham, Hartley - of Morton
Faulkes, Sam - of Keighley
Feather, Arthur - of Laycock
Feather, A H - of Keighley
Feather, David - of Riddlesden
Feather, Ernest - of Ingrow
Feather, Frank - of Haworth
Feather, F W of Keighley
Feather, George MM - of Crossroads & Lees
Feather, H - of Hermit Hole
Feather, Harry - of Keighley
Feather, Harry W - of Thwaites Brow
Feather, Herbert Gnr - of Ingrow
Feather, Laban - of Oakworth
Feather, Norman - of Oakworth
Feather, R - of Haworth
Feather, Tom - of Haworth
Feather, William - of Ingrow
Feather, Willie - of Oxenhope
Feeley, A – Keighley WW2
Winifred Feeny BEM
Fieldhouse, E – of Keighley WW2
Finan, J A - Keighley
Finan, J - Keighley
Finan, Michael - Keighley
Fisher, E - Keighley
Flaherty, James - Keighley
Flaherty, M – Keighley WW2
Flaherty, P - Keighley
Fletcher, E – Keighley WW2
Fletcher, JL – Keighley WW2
Fletcher, JW - of Haworth
Fletcher, W R - WW1
Ford, G - of Haworth
Fortune, EA – Keighley WW2
Fossey, Robert - of Ingrow
Foster, J - of Haworth
Foster, Wilfred - of Ingrow
Foster, William - of Ingrow
Foster, Herbert - of Thwaites Brow
Fowlds, Barrett - of Thwaites Brow
Fowlds, Gilbert (D) - of Thwaites Brow
Fowlds, Gorden - of Thwaites Brow
Fowlds, Joseph (K) - of Thwaites Brow
Fowlds, John Stanley – Keighley WW2
Fowlds, Sidney - of Thwaites Brow
Foy, James - Keighley WW2
Frankland - Keighley
Frankland, G – Keighley WW2
Franklin, Harry Andrew - of Thwaites Brow
Frazer, F - Oxenhope (sometimes Fraser, F)
French, EA - Keighley