Morton 1914 Plaque
Morton 1919 Plaque
Morton 1939 - 1945 Plaque
1914 - 1919
This institute was erected by public subscription.
In memory of the men from Morton who served during the European war.
And in particular those who gave their lives and whose names are recorded on these two tablets.
Burnham, Frank
Clark, Peter
Cockroft, Sam
Day, George
Gibson, Seth
Greenwood, Cyril
Hartley, Alfred
Hartley, Herbert
Mallows, Edgar
Mitchell, Fred
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, T. Illingworth
Robinson, Tom
Taylor, Harry
Taylor, Percy
Taylor, Tom
Taylor, Wilfred
“Their name liveth for evermore”
1939 1945
In memory of the men from this village who gave their lives in the World War.
Beanlands, Alec
Crabtree, Kenneth
Duckett, Jack
Ettenfield, Jim
Gore, James
Logan, Harold
Stacey, Sam M
Smith, Albert
Wilkinson, Jack
Whatmuff, J Milton
Their name liveth for evermore

Morton Cemetery War Memorial
Other Morton Names
Allan, JH
Bamforth, A
Brown, C
Brown, G
Geehan, W
Gordon, P E
Greenhalgh, W
Hayden, W
Holmes, M
Jones, G L D
Kelly, R
McClure, D
Maidment, A
Martin, M J
Michael, E A M
O'Hara, C
Pearman, A W
Phillips, C
Smith, M
Watson, J N
Wells, P
Whitaker, F
Falkingham, Hartley
Gaines, James
Gill, John