Oxenhope Roll of Honour
Created from lists of names on Oxenhope rolls of honour.
Most of these men named below survived the wars.

38 died and their names are listed on the War Memorial inside Oxenhope Parish Church .The names were recorded in the order in which they were killed and NOT alphabetically.The church clock was paid for by public subscription as Oxenhope's official war memorial.
There are also plaques at several chapels in Oxenhope which list former scholars who served. Including:

Sawood Weslyan Sunday School
A brass plaque now in store at West Drive (see below )
There are the names of 25 who survived and 4 who died and whose names are inscribed on the plaque in the Parish Church.

Lowertown Weslyan Church (new church now in West Drive).
A brass plaque now in store at the new church.
Lists 8 former scholars who died and are also listed on the memorial in the Parish Church.
In addition there are 72 men who survived.

Marsh Methodist Chapel has a wooden plaque on the wall inside the building on which are recorded the names of 19 young men connected to the chapel- it reads "1914 1918 To the Glory of God and in gratitude to the men of this church and Sunday school who served their King and Country during the Great War ". None of the names are recorded elsewhere on Oxenhope memorials

Hawksbridge Baptist Chapel and Sunday School.
This building will be closing as a place of worship in late 2012. There is a memorial in the form of a manuscript which lists former scholars or those connected with the Chapel who served in both World Wars. The book ,communion rail , stand and pedestal for the book were presented by members of the Womens Guild "in sacred memory of those who lost their lives in the Great War and in gratitude to Almighty God for those who were spared to return " The 5 who were killed in the first war and the 1 killed in the second war are also recorded on the village War Memorial in the Parish Church. In addition there are 38 names for WW1 and 23 names for WW2.
All are included below.
It is not known what will happen to the Book of Rememberance but it is hoped that it can be kept in the Parish Church.

Horkinstone Baptist Sunday School and Chapel.
This building closed several years ago. Inside was a memorial to scholars and church members who served in WW1. All survived.There were 21 names and all are now listed below.

As of November 2012 the names of those who are known to have served number around 220 men - all are listed below

World War 1
Adams, Harry
Ambler, D
Andrassy. Frederick
Ayers, Bertie Robert
Ayres. Frederick. S
Baldwin . Ernest
Baldwin, Haydn
Bancroft, Albert
Bancroft, Edgar
Bancroft, Maurice
Barrett. Percy.
Barrett, Wilson
Barwick, George
Barwick, Harry
Bates, Asa
Bates, Joe
Bates, Harry - Enlisted as Harry Lockwood
Bates, Sam
Bates, Stansfield
Baxter, A
Baxter, C
Bennett, David
Bennett, Sam
Bennett, W
Bolton, Arthur
Bolton, Harry
Boocock Frank
Boocock. John
Boocock. Joseph
Booth ,Alfred
Booth .Arthur
Booth . Branwell
Booth, Eli
Booth. Ina

Booth, John
Booth. John.M
Booth, Wilson
Brierley, Stephen
Brierley. David
Butterfield, Frank
Clayton, J R
Clewes, Fred
Clewes, George
Coates, Thomas
Cooke. Herbert
Cooke. Raymond
Cooper, Walter
Crabtree, Enos
Crabtree, Fred
Crabtree . Hartley
Crabtree, Jack
Crabtree, Joseph
Daley, Arthur
Daley, Clifford
Denby. James William
Denby, Jonas
Dingley.E. A
Drake, J
Dyson, B
Edwards, Harri Willis
Ellis, E
Feather, Arthur
Feather, Alfred P
Feather, Bertie N
Feather, Celah
Feather. Clarence
Feather, Clarence E
Feather, Ernest
Feather . Fred Hawksbridge.
Feather, Fred
Feather. Irvin
Feather, James
Feather, Joseph
Feather, Julius
Feather, Maurice
Feather, Seth
Feather, Willie
Foster, Harold
Foster, Sam
Foster, William
Frazer, Fred
Frazer, Richard
Garforth, Cyril
Garforth, Fred
Garforth, Thomas
Gill. Norden
Greenwood, Albert-Oxenhope
Greenwood, Bertie
Greenwood, Claude
Greenwood, Denis
Greenwood. George H
Greenwood, John
Greenwood, John H
Greenwood, Joseph
Greenwood, Percy
Hardaker, James
Harrison, Herbert
Hargreaves, Ernest
Haynes, William
Heaton, Frank
Heaton . Fred
Heaton, Herbert-Oxenhope
Heaton . James
Heaton . Willie
Heaton, Thomas Herbert
Holmes. Allan
Holmes, Albert
Holmes, Arthur
Holmes, Arthur R
Holmes, Charles E
Holmes, Ellis
Holmes. Fred
Holmes, F
Holmes. Gawthorpe
Holmes, James
Holmes, James E
Holmes . Joe
Holmes, John Henry
Holmes, John O
Holmes. John T
Holmes, J T
Holmes .Walter
Holmes . Willie
Holmes, William J
Holmes. Wilson
Holmes, Percy
Holmes, Thomas
Holmes, Walter
Hopkinson, Allen
Hopkinson, Ernest
Ingham, A
Joy, Bertie
Kent, Charles
Kershaw. Bertie
Kershaw.Watson W.
Kilbank, F
Kitchen, John
Kitchen, Sam
Kershaw, William
Lockwood, Fred
Lockwood, Harry
Lomax, John Thomas
Lund, Jonas
Mitchell . Albert
Mitchell. George
Mitchell . Sam
Mills, H
Moore, Albert
Moore, John E
Mudd, Ernest
Nicholson, N
Nicholson, William
Normington, James
Ogden, Arthur
Ogden, M George
Parker, George H
Parker, Harry
Pedley, Allen R
Pickles, James R
Pickles, Thomas Henry
Place, Alfred
Place, Herbert
Preston, F
Raw, John Thomas
Ratcliffe. Eric
Ratcliffe, Harvey
Ratcliffe, John W
Ratcliffe, James G
Ratcliffe . Lewis
Ratcliffe, Wilson
Ratcliffe. Willie
Reddihough . John W
Redman, Clifford
Redman. Joseph
Redman, Luther
Richmond, Ernest Edward
Robinson, Clifford
Robinson, Arthur
Robinson, Frank
Rushton. Edgar
Shackleton. Irwin
Shackleton, Reginald
Shackleton. Thomas
Sharp, Alfred
Shuttleworth, Frederick
Shuttleworth, F
Shuttleworth, H
Simpson, Luther
Smith, Albert
Smith, Bertram
Smith . George
Smith .John
Stansfield, Arthur
Stansfield. Willie
Sugden, Albert
Sunderland, Frank
Sunderland. Harry
Sunderland . Holmes
Sunderland. Victor
Sunderland. Willie
Sutcliffe, H W
Sutcliffe, James W
Sutcliffe, Sam
Tillotson, John William
Thompson, Edwin
Turner, William
Walker, E
Wharf, Fred
Wharfe . George. H
Whitaker. Arthur
Whitaker .Edward. H
Whitaker, Feather
Whitaker, Fred
Whittaker. Fred. Horkinstone
Whittaker. Nicholas
Whitaker . Fred .H Hawksbridge
Whitaker, William A
White . Charles William
White . Ernest
Wright, Edward
Wright, George

World War 2
Bottomley, George L
Barwick. Craven
Baxter . Sydney
Binns. Harry
Boocock .Dennis
Boocock. James Watson
Bradbury, Claude
Crabtree, Harry
Feather .Hayden
Feather. Irvin
Feather. Jim
Feather . Jim of Mouldgreave
Feather. Norman
Feather . Raymond
Fieldhouse, Eric
Green, E Vaughan
Harris, Edward
Heaton .Frank H.
Holdsworth . Sam
Holmes. Harry
Holmes . Philip
Kerry, Frank
Mainwaring, Jack
Mitchell .Dennis
Mitchell . Rennie
Mitchell .Ronald
Reddihough. Frank
Reddihough .John
Rushton, Jack
Smeed, Edwin W J
Smith .Arthur
Smith . Frank
Smith. Marion
Toothill, R Ernest
Tye, Harold
Whitaker, Roy
Whitehouse, T S H
Wormald, Wilfred

There was a Memorial at Wadsworth Mill, Oxenhope -George Emmott (Pawsons) Ltd, Spring Manufactures to the men who worked at the Company
From Keighley News, May 17 1919.
........George Emmott, Springmakers Wadworth Mill, Oxenhope, have this week placed a tablet over the entrance to their works in memory of their employees who gave their lives for King and Country who have fallen in the war.
Inscribed :-
"To the honoured memory of our late employees who gave their lives for King and country in he Great war 1914 - 1919"
Killed in action.
Bertie Robert Ayres, Duke of Wellington's W.R.R. Oct 8th 1917
Fred Crabtree Duke of Wellington's W.R.R. Apl 10th 1918
John Thomas Lomax Duke of Wellington's W.R.R. Oct 15th 1915
John Henry Holmes 1st/5th West Yorkshire Regt Aug 9th 1916
Thomas Henry Pickles K.R.R,C Oct 19th 1918

"These in the glorious morning of their days, for Englands sake, lost all but Englands praise"
"Pax Bobiscum F.E. & C.A. Pawson, MCMXIX"

Site visited 5th Feb 1998
During extensions to the works "some years ago", the memorial was removed and sent away for cleaning. However owing to the composition of the sandstone from which the memorial was constructed, it disintegrated during cleaning. The memorial was said to be round, surrounded by laurel.
Memorial lost through good intentions.