Keighley, Salvation Army Citadel, Brass Plate - 9 names from WW1
Keighley Citadel 04.jpg
Location:- High St, near the junction of the A 629 (Bridge St) & the B6143 (Oakworh Rd)
N.G.R.:- SE 050410
Access :- Thurs A.M. (Playgroup) or Service times
Visited :- 12 March 1998
Unveiled :- late November 1922 by Capt F.L. Smith of Keighley
Description : - Brass tablet approx 2ft x 18ins on an oak background

In Memory of
The Keighley
Citadel Comrades
Who were killed in
The Great War
1914 - 1918

Harold Bell May 3rd 1915
John Lythe May 4th 1916
William J. Jakeway July 29th 1916
John Lilley 1916
John Powis Sept 28th 1916
Walter Whitaker Nov 5th 1916
Stanley Williamson Apl 28th 1917
William Kilbey 1917
Albert Midgley Oct 11th 1918

Between the words "Keighley" and "Citadel" is the badge of the Salvation Army, and at the side of the names , left side "saved" and "Suffered", and on the right "Sacrificed and "Triumphed"

Ref Keighley News, Sat Nov 25th 1922
...........eight of these were at one time members of the corps band

The tablet was originally in the Salvation Army premises in Cooke Lane, and was moved to the present new building (Date ??)