Keighley - Parish Church of St. Joseph (Roman Catholic) WW2 - 22 names

Location, :- Queens Rd, Keighley, approx threequarters of a mile from the town centre
N.G.R :- S.E. 065401
Access :- Service times
Visited (By P.D.L.) 3 Feb 1998
Description :- Six carved oak panels in a concave apse of the baptistry, with panels on names. Originally the panels were part of a pulpit in the church The carvings are of a very high standard
Unveiled & Dedicated :- Not known

Blessed are / they that mourn/for they shall be / comforted
James Albone
John Bancroft
Clarence Banbury
Bernard Caulfield
Edward Daprato
Steven Durkin
Arthur Feely
James Foy
Anthony Ginley
George Granger
James Kearney
John Megan
Thomas Megan
John Mann
John O'Hara
Harold Peaceful
James Pittock
James Richmond
John Stringer
Thomas Swift
John Thomas Walsh
James Orton

Albone, James
Bancroft, John
Banbury, Clarence
Caulfield, Bernard
Daprato, Edward
Durkin, Steven
Feely, Arthur
Foy, James
Ginley, Anthony
Granger, George
Kearney, James
Megan, John
Megan, Thomas
Mann, John
O'Hara, John
Peaceful, Harold
Pittock, James
Richmond, James
Stringer, John
Swift, Thomas
Walsh, John Thomas
Orton, James