Men of Worth Project C.I.C.

The Men of Worth Project C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) was registered with Companies House with effect from 24th June 2013.
Our Directors are:
Andy Wade: - Research questions. Website and policy issues and public statements about the project. Telephone 07792 665336.
Ian Walkden: - Information about Keighley and Worth Valley War Memorials and Local Liaison Director. Telephone 07767 611347.
Helen Wade: - Financial matters and grant information.
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If you have a similar project operating in Keighley and the Worth Valley area (or even nearby) and would like to contribute to, or work with the Men of Worth Project C.I.C, please get in touch.
If you have any information, pictures or documents related to the aims of this project then we'd love to hear from you. Our contact details are below.
You can always join this wiki and add the information yourselves or just email it direct to us if editing this wiki is a bit daunting for you. Joining requires your application to be authorised so please be patient after submitting it and we'll add you as soon as we can.

If you would like to get involved with our group please get in touch using our contact page on our main website:

This Wiki commemorates the men and women of Keighley and the Worth Valley who served our country in times of war.

The towns and villages listed at left are covered in alphabetical order.

Please note, there are some blind links from the indexed lists to individual names. There's a reason for this...
We have made them all into links because it means we can just click on them and edit to add information, instead of creating pages individually and having to add them into the indexes later. It does however mean we are aware of a man or woman and if you don't find what you see because the page has no information, get in touch with me by email and I'll attend to it. We may have already done the research but not got around to updating their page.
My contact details are above.
Andy Wade.

Each page lists the names in alphabetical order. The names in turn will link to a page of information about each person, (assuming the information exists). If you would like to add anything to the lists or create a page for a relative or anyone you are researching, please feel free. Don't worry about the style, someone will be along soon to help you with it, after you have made a start.
Editing instructions are supplied in the 'help' section linked at the top of each page.
Want to help? You're most welcome to add any information you have!
You will first have to register with this wiki and sign in using your user name and password from the registration.
We reserve the right to customise the layout of any of these pages or any information added, to conform to the general feel of the site. Any pictures may also be cropped or altered to minimise bandwidth restrictions.The criteria for adding someone to these pages are quite loosely based.With regard to each place name: A person may have been born, resident, or be a relative of anyone who lives there. We operate a policy of inclusion rather than exclusion and may add further outlying villages from the Worth Valley area, should this prove to be necessary.
Copyright notice:
All the information and images contained in this website are copyright to the Men of Worth project from 2007 onwards.
If you'd like to use this information for personal use you may do so. If you require a higher resolution picture of any of the men or women here please ask. If we have one, we'll probably let you have a copy for your personal use. We would appreciate information in return as part of the spirit of this project.
Commercial ventures or other websites may not copy the information contained on this website and may not display it without express written permission from the Men of Worth Project.
Copyright laws follow the terms of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and apply in all countries signed up to it.

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